W.R.D. Featuring Robert Walter, Eddie Roberts & Adam Deitch Share ‘Bobby’s Boogaloo’ Jambase Premiere


Dec 21, 2018 
10:03 am PST 
Scott Bernstein 

Supergroup W.R.D. came together earlier this year at the Color Red Studios to record four tracks. Today, JamBase premiered the well-deserved holiday treat of “Bobby’s Boogaloo” featuring the powerhouse lineup of keyboardist Robert Walter, guitarist Eddie Roberts and drummer Adam Deitch. 

“Bobby’s Boogaloo” is the last of the four W.R.D. tracks issued by Color Red. Walter, Roberts and Deitch previously put out a 7″ vinyl record featuring “Happy Hour” and “Corner Pocket.” The trio also shared the track “Red Sunset.” 

“We wrote all these WRD tunes very quickly right before the session and recorded everything in one or two takes,” Walter said. “I wanted this one to capture that casual and relaxed vibe of late 60s Blue Note and Prestige funky records. It just sounds like friends in a room jamming together.”

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